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Monday, 31 May 2010 21:56

How It Works


The Global Room for Women offers you a unique opportunity to get to know women from around the world -- remarkable women mostly from developing countries. Calls begin with our guest sharing her personal story and talking about her breakthrough work. Immediately after sharing her story, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and to ask questions. At the conclusion of each dialogue, and using special conference call technology you are able to join a small group of between 2-4 women to share and respond to what you heard from the global guest.



After the call, you decide how you’d like to go forward. You may choose to simply enjoy the experience and friendship of the Global Room or you may decide you would like to do more. Becoming more involved is easy; you can share your thoughts and ideas with others on our social networking site, My Global Room; or, you can connect directly with other participants. If you choose, you can even connect directly with one of our global guests. Whatever you decide, the Global Room will help you take the next step on your global journey.

But that’s only half the story. You are invited to share your own voice, talk with our global guest, and have your own conversations with other amazing women in the audience from around North America. If you like, come and just listen. Features About the Calls Our Agreement Discover FAQs

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What Women Are Saying 

"We live in a world designed to keep
real at a minimum. Global Room for Women is the first website that I've found (and I've looked) that promotes real conversations between real
-  B. Samuel, Artist, Iowa.

"The Global Room was life changing for me. I was blown away! I am usually not impressed by these kinds of teleconferences but thought GRW was wonderful. It made me feel not so alone on this planet."
- A. Olivier, Texas

"I am trying to find ways to change the world I inherited. The only way is through other people. The GRW feeds that part of me that needs to be opened and wants ideas and mutual experience to face the immense challenges. "

- M.Levy, Activist, Wisconsin 

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