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Thursday, 17 June 2010 18:32


A Global “Woman to Woman” Conversation 

Mercy Chidi

“Mother of Kenya”

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Founder of Ripples International (To view her many awards and full bio, click here)

Wednesday, May 23rd and May 30th at 8 PM

 Mercy calls in live from her home in rural Kenya to spark a lively conversation about what she (and each of us) is learning about taking risk in a way that serves others AND our own lives. Her risks have added up to helping 12,000 kids in rural Africa. We’ll share our own stories and practices with stepping out. Join us!


Every morning Mercy hops out of bed not only to feed her 4 children but to take care of another 12,000 in rural Kenya. Talk about motherhood!  She is the founder of Ripples International, along with her husband Chidi, a grassroots AIDS relief organization they built 10 years ago in response to an appalling news paper headlines they read in the Kenya Nation that stated “Meru District rates highest in HIV Infection rate at 38%”.

In Mercy’s words, “a number of years ago I lost a close friend to AIDS and I was sitting alone in my car one day looking out the window at Mt. Kenya near my hometown. I was really down, I tell you – thinking about her, about all the people, kids, and grandmothers who were hit by the disease. There were hardly any charities coming through our area. I just sat there and prayed. And it just dawned on me that I couldn’t live with myself unless I did something. If not me, then who?”

From that decision point in 2001, she set out to build on of East Africa’s most inventive and successful AIDS relief operations. She has a staff of over 50, a team of trained volunteers, international donors, grants and networks who support her schools and centers for rescued orphans, one of the very few private pediatric hospitals in the country, AIDS relief and medial outreach to thousands over 11 locations throughout Meru Central District, an abuse shelter for girls – one of the first of its kind – and programs fighting for the constitutional rights of children.

Join us for a global and interactive conversation as we get to know Mercy and she gets to know us. She’ll share what it means to not only follow a calling in your heart but to successfully and effectively take the necessary steps and risks to place it in the world – something we are all learning in a world desperately needing our contributions. We’ll “zero-in” on what risks mean to each of us and how to get better at taking them.

Her website and a video of her can be found at www.ripplesintl.or.ke


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