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Thursday, 17 June 2010 18:32

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Aya Faissal, Egypt


Whatever happened to the millions of Egyptian youth who toppled a regime using Facebook and their commitment to non-violence?  Aya Faissal is here to give us an insider’s view of what her peers are up to on the streets of Cairo, what they are talking about in the city’s coffee shops, and how they are stepping into the new politics of an emerging Egypt.  Young, independent, informed, and inspired, Aya chose to wear the contentious veil while working on her Master’s in Political Science in France. She represents the mobile, free-thinking Egyptian youth who are opting for personal choice and freedom in spite of seemingly insurmountable harsh political and cultural attitudes.  And in Aya’s case, she brings a fresh view of a promising future by serving women in Cairo’s sprawling slums of over 15 million.  Join us as we learn alongside one of Egypt’s emerging young women’s voices.

Please visit Aya’s current work at Association for The Development and Enhancement of Women (ADEW), www.adew.org.

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