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Tuesday, 01 June 2010 00:05

Affiliate Program

Collaborating with Global Room for Women you can create a win/win solution to grow your organization. Mutual benefits and values include the following:

  • Enhanced awareness through cross-marketing initiatives that promote both organizations
  • Revenue-sharing
  • Exposure and access to new individual donors
  • Mission-centric programs that are co-developed
    and hosted by Global Room for Women with
    customization for your organization and community
  • Opportunity to develop new programs that
    advance your organization’s vision and goals
  • Access to technology and expertise that can be used
    to educate, promote and engage your community


We use modern teleconferencing technology
along with the expertise of Global Room for Women conference hosts to produce the programs. This technology and service platform includes registration of participants, administration of thecalls, recording for later play-back, support for break-out sessions and opportunities for person-to-person dialogue, as well as post-call engagement.


Co-marketing an existing program or customization to your organization.You decide. 

As an affiliate you have the opportunity to showcase a dedicated series featuring your organization or co-market one of our upcoming programs. In addition, all program calls are recorded and added to the archive on the Global Room for Women website, www.globalroomforwomen.com. These archives are available to anyone who subscribed to the program. This means that the playbacks are available anytime, for as many times as a participant wants to listen – a real benefit for women “on the go”.





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What Women Are Saying 

"We live in a world designed to keep
real at a minimum. Global Room for Women is the first website that I've found (and I've looked) that promotes real conversations between real
-  B. Samuel, Artist, Iowa.

"The Global Room was life changing for me. I was blown away! I am usually not impressed by these kinds of teleconferences but thought GRW was wonderful. It made me feel not so alone on this planet."
- A. Olivier, Texas

"I am trying to find ways to change the world I inherited. The only way is through other people. The GRW feeds that part of me that needs to be opened and wants ideas and mutual experience to face the immense challenges. "

- M.Levy, Activist, Wisconsin