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Monday, 31 May 2010 22:42

About The Global Room for Women

If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of humankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known. - Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)

Our mission is to provide a virtual room where women from different cultures come together for dialogue and understanding; where impoverishment gives way to empowerment; and where every woman is awakened to the other. This awakening benefits children, men, the earth and all beings.

We believe that when any woman shows up “as she is right now” -- with her authentic voice, personal story, and wisdom -- and when she is truly heard, a shift occurs both for the storyteller and for the listener. Within this shift lies the potential for relationships and the momentum of moving from inspiration to action.

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What Women Are Saying 

"We live in a world designed to keep
real at a minimum. Global Room for Women is the first website that I've found (and I've looked) that promotes real conversations between real
-  B. Samuel, Artist, Iowa.

"The Global Room was life changing for me. I was blown away! I am usually not impressed by these kinds of teleconferences but thought GRW was wonderful. It made me feel not so alone on this planet."
- A. Olivier, Texas

"I am trying to find ways to change the world I inherited. The only way is through other people. The GRW feeds that part of me that needs to be opened and wants ideas and mutual experience to face the immense challenges. "

- M.Levy, Activist, Wisconsin